Cherry Farm is a small acreage in between Loveland and Fort Collins, Colorado. My family moved here in 1951 from the Lamar-Granada-Bristol-Carlton area of SE Colorado. I bought the property from my Dad in 1987. Aside from the remaining farming, I've been working on several projects in the areas of home automation, energy efficiency, alternative energy and other interests. This web site is meant to organize and make visible those activities. Use the menu above to access those various areas.
HOME - This home page, site plan, weather, cameras, security
C. HOUSE - Carriage House monitoring & control functions
HEAT PUMP - Monitoring of the 24 Kbtu ground source heat pump system
SOLAR PV - Monitoring of the 10 KW solar PV array
WIND GEN. - Monitoring of a 1KW Bergey XL.1 wind turbine
NETWORK - The wireless network building at the base of the wind tower
HANGAR - Aircraft hangar at Loveland-Fort Collins Airport